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Martial arts classes are coming to the Lognmont Athletic Club's main location on Mountain View for Adults and Kids. Please explore our website for more detailed information about our classes. Third Degree Black Belt Bruce Bozzay has been conducting a martial arts curriculum at the LAC for 12 years, from white belt through multiple levels of black belt. Free initial private lesson for all prospective students. No contracts, pay by the month! Google Bozzay Martial Arts or call 303-651-2540.

American Kenpo Karate

We provide quality instruction in real self defense, not sport karate. There are no bad styles of martial arts; however, there are styles that are more well-rounded, and American Kenpo is a very well-rounded style of true self-defense.The martial arts develop both physical and mental skills. People of all ages and abilities become involved in the martial arts for a variety of reasons: some for physical fitness, some for self-esteem, others for self-confidence or discipline, and many for self-defense. The list of reasons is endless. Martial arts instill physical, mental, social and emotional skills, challenging students to rise to their own personal  levels as they gain confidence and a constant sense of achievement with each new belt.

Research with Olympic athletes has shown that mental training is as important as the physical aspects of training in developing optimal health and fitness. Students learn the benefits of this holistic concept of body and mind integration as taught through the principles of the martial arts.

Our method of training is a multidimensional conditioning program that is designed to maximize muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility and to teach real self-defense -- no matter what your fitness level.


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