We provide quality instruction in real self-defense, not sport karate. The martial arts develop both physical and mental skills. People of all ages and abilities become involved in the martial arts for a variety of reasons: some for the physical fitness, some for self-esteem, others for self-confidence or discipline, and for many for self-defense. The list of reasons is endless. Martial arts instill physical, mental, social and emotional skills, challenging each student to rise to his or her own level, as they gain confidence and a constant sense of achievement.

Research with Olympic athletes has shown that mental training is as important as the physical aspects of training in developing optimal health and fitness. Students learn the benefits of this holistic concept of body and mind integration as taught through the principles of the martial arts.

Our method of training is a multidimensional conditioning program that is designed to maximize muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility and to teach real self-defense -- no matter what your fitness level.

Real self-defense, not sport karate!

Other benefits students will reap from martial arts training are

  • Methods to improve balance, coordination, and speed and reflex timing
  • Proper stretching and breathing techniques that reduce susceptibility to injury and improve overall performance in any sport or athletic activity
  • Relaxation techniques to reduce stress, release tension and enhance mental performance

Weight training or aerobics alone can become monotonous, and often people would like to supplement that aspect of their work-out with something new, fun, challenging and something from which they can gain more than muscle mass or a strong heartbeat. Martial artsí training, like more traditional exercise programs, provides students with the opportunity to increase strength, flexibility and physical activity, and yet it remains interesting and stimulating for the body as well as the mind.

It is our experience that everyone can benefit from martial arts training whether they participate once a week or five times a week. All classes are run in a safe, fun, serious and productive environment.

Classes run on a 13-week cycle of material. The first week of a cycle, new material is introduced to the class. In the second week, material from the first week is reviewed and one new piece of material is added. In the third week we'll review weeks one and two and then add one new piece of material/technique, and so on. This continues throughout the cycle. The repetition of material allows the students to become highly proficient the techniques we're working on, and the new material added each week keeps the class fresh and exciting. At the end of the cycle there is a belt examination.

New students begin with a FREE private lesson, or more if necessary. The private lesson gives newcomers a chance to become familiar with the instructor and the material worked on in the group classes. The private lesson also prepares new students for group training.

This training gives students an exciting and challenging approach to total fitness.